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Advising California Employers Since 1991

For the past 20 years, California Employer Resources has been helping California employers with their compliance challenges in the areas of safety and employment law. We understand as well as you do that doing business in California simply isn't like doing business anywhere else.

We developed Cal/OSHA Compliance Advisor Online resource for California safety professionals, business owners, and managers. It's a comprehensive website that includes hundreds of sample forms, policies, checklists, and reports—plus up-to-the-minute compliance updates, safety training outlines, and advice—to keep you on top of the ever-changing California and federal safety rules that govern your relationship with your employees.

There are three major reasons that thousands of your colleagues rely on Cal/OSHA Compliance Advisor Online and wouldn't consider doing business without it:

  • You get easy-to-understand, plain-English analysis of both state and federal laws, regulations, and court cases, written specifically for California employers. No more wasting time and money on resources that don't apply to you—or, worse still, actively mislead you about the current state of the law.
  • You'll learn not just what the latest legal developments are, but even more importantly, what you need to do about them. Practical step-by-step checklists help you avoid hidden traps that can lead to catastrophic injuries, increased workers' comp premiums, and costly lawsuits.
  • You get authoritative hands-on guidance without having to wade through legalese and irrelevant details of interest only to lawyers. Expert advice like this is normally available only by speaking with a private safety consultant—and paying hefty fees!

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Plus, with our limited-time discount, you'll save $100! For just $399, you get 365 days of uninterrupted access to the private, subscribers-only Cal/OSHA Compliance Advisor Online website, where you'll benefit from...

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  • Downloadable checklists, forms, and customizable workplace safety policies that you won't want to be without
  • "Trainer's Handbook" features that provide practical, step-by-step training guidance that's both industry- and equipment-specific
  • Access to our exclusive “ask an editor” feature
  • An info-packed 4-page PDF newsletter to distribute internally to your supervisors. Helps ensure a focus on safety and informed compliance at all levels of your organization. Normally a $180+ value—but you get it absolutely free as part of your subscription!
  • A monthly bonus “Online Exclusive” story, form, policy, or checklist available nowhere else
  • Links to government resources, such as the California Department of Industrial Relations, federal OSHA, the Division of Workers' Compensation, and many others for your quick reference
  • And much, much more!

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