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Articles from current issue of the Cal/OSHA Compliance Advisor monthly newsletter are listed below.

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Balers and compactors: $950K fine, conviction for Macy's in worker's baler death; 3 critical mistakes
October 2014
Roy Polanco was feeding materials into a cardboard baler/compactor at a Macy's distribution center in East Los Angeles on July 13, 2009, when tragedy struck. . . . more »
Drugs and alcohol: Are your workers taking opioid painkillers? Prevent hazards caused by abuse
October 2014
Identifying and dealing with drug use and abuse in your workplace is vital to your workers' safety. Many employers already have a drug abuse prevention program in place, complete with preemployment testing and drug screens that are conducted randomly or as needed to identify workers who are current users. . . . more »
Trainer's handbook: Teach your workers to be hardheaded about hard hats
October 2014
Workers can be resistant to wearing hard hats. After all, the hats can be hot, heavy, uncomfortable, inconvenient, and generally a pain. But it's important that they learn instead to be hardheaded about wearing and caring for their protective headgear. . . . more »
Standards: Group lockout/tagout provisions adopted; PEL revisions take effect October 1
October 2014
The state Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (OSHSB) has finalized four new rules. A new permissible exposure limit (PEL) and new rules addressing safe patient handling and guarding of vertical food mixers will take effect on October 1. New rules also address group lockout/tagout. . . . more »
Safety management: Encourage worker safety with an effective incentive program
September 2014
It seemed like a good idea at the time: Reward workers for working safely by providing cash and goods that they could earn as incentives. Even better, put peer pressure to good use by rewarding workers in groups; workers, wanting their premiums, would encourage one another not to cut safety corners and to stay safe. . . . more »
Hazard identification: Are your workers in double jeopardy from hazards at work and at home?
September 2014
Suppose that in his latest hearing test, you notice that a young worker is showing a standard threshold shift, an indicator that he has suffered some degree of hearing loss. Your workplace is noisy enough to cause the hearing loss, but the controls you have in place should prevent it. . . . more »
Health and wellness: What does the obesity epidemic mean for workplace safety?
September 2014
It's no secret that California's workforce is becoming heavier. With more than half of the state's adults either overweight or obese, have you considered the impact of your workers' expanding waistlines on workplace safety? Keep reading for key issues to consider. . . . more »
Trainer's handbook: Workers who know their electrical safety basics are less likely to be shocked
September 2014
Would you be shocked to learn that most of the workers injured by electricity are not electricians? They're more likely to be people who weren't supposed to encounter an exposed live circuit--people like janitors, mechanics, and painters, whose contact with electricity is unexpected and deadly. Protect these workers by making sure they understand the hazards they may be exposed to and how to stay safe. . . . more »
Appeals Board decisions: Can trucks provide shade for workers? Not if they're parked
September 2014
The June 2014 issue of COCA covered a case in which an employer whose usual shade structure had been damaged provided alternate shade from an open trailer with a roof. The Cal/OSHA Appeals Board ruled in that case that the employer met its obligation to provide shade, water, and seating for workers. . . . more »
Fleet safety: NIOSH guidance offers new tips for preventing backovers on roadway construction sites
September 2014
Ready for some statistics that should make you take a step back? Between 2003 and 2010, 143 workers on road construction sites in the United States died when they were hit by vehicles backing up. And in 2011, 70 workers in all industries were killed in backover accidents. . . . more »
Featured resource: A handy field sanitation checklist
September 2014
In 2008, Coronado Irrigation Services of Shafter (in Kern County) was cited for multiple violations of Cal/OSHA's field sanitation requirements, General Industry Safety Orders (GISO) Section 3457. The employer appealed the fines, citing financial hardship--and it took 6 years before the fines were at last reduced. . . . more »
Appeals Board decisions: When a written IIPP varies from real-time conditions, does it do the job?
August 2014
When you're preparing your injury and illness prevention program (IIPP), you have a lot of boxes to check and items to cover, and it's important that you address each one. . . . more »
Fleet safety: Don't be slow about addressing a leading vehicle safety issue--speeding
August 2014
In the movies, it's exciting and glamorous: Ex-cop Brian O'Connor threads his tricked-out Nissan Skyline smoothly through the Southern California traffic at high speed on his way to a big-money illegal street race. . . . more »
Infectious diseases: Measles makes a comeback, and MERS comes on strong; Are your workers at risk?
August 2014
Between vaccinations and antibiotics, it seemed for a time that the United States was winning the battle against infectious childhood illnesses. That doesn't seem like such a sure thing these days, so employers need to take steps to protect workers from measles and other infectious diseases that are on the rise. . . . more »
Trainer's handbook: Relax! And more tips to prevent sprains, strains, and similar injuries
August 2014
If you had a lost workday incident in 2012, there's a very good chance it was caused by a sprain, strain, or tear. Injuries in that category accounted for 38 percent of total injury and illness cases requiring days away from work--and soreness or pain from nonspecified injuries made up another 15 percent of cases. Taken together, that's more than half of all lost workday incidents in the United States for 2012. . . . more »
Material handling: 8 Cal/OSHA rules for ensuring conveyor safety
August 2014
Ramon Flores worked for EZ Mix, Inc., in Sun Valley, for 12 years. When preparing to take his lunch break on February 19, 2008, he noticed the belt on an inclined conveyor needed cleaning--something he did routinely, two or three times a day. . . . more »
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