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Articles from current issue of the Cal/OSHA Compliance Advisor monthly newsletter are listed below.

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Online exclusive: Infectious disease prevention checklist
COCA Online Exclusive August 2014
After a brief respite in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, infectious "childhood" diseases have come roaring back--and these days, they're not just affecting kids. Adults, too, have been affected by recent epidemics of measles, mumps, and whooping cough. Use our checklist to make sure that your workers don't get caught in the next outbreak. . . . more »
Cal/OSHA cites industrial service provider for confined space accident
August 2014
Cal/OSHA has cited industrial service provider Shar-Craft, Inc., after an investigation of a December 2013 flash fire inside a metal tank that resulted in serious burns to an industrial painter—w . . . more »
FMCSA announces changes to reporting of adjudicated citations
August 2014
Beginning August 23, 2014, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will allow motor carriers and drivers to request the removal of roadside inspection violations from agency data syste . . . more »
Appeals Board decisions: When a written IIPP varies from real-time conditions, does it do the job?
August 2014
When you're preparing your injury and illness prevention program (IIPP), you have a lot of boxes to check and items to cover, and it's important that you address each one. . . . more »
Fleet safety: Don't be slow about addressing a leading vehicle safety issue--speeding
August 2014
In the movies, it's exciting and glamorous: Ex-cop Brian O'Connor threads his tricked-out Nissan Skyline smoothly through the Southern California traffic at high speed on his way to a big-money illegal street race. . . . more »
Infectious diseases: Measles makes a comeback, and MERS comes on strong; Are your workers at risk?
August 2014
Between vaccinations and antibiotics, it seemed for a time that the United States was winning the battle against infectious childhood illnesses. That doesn't seem like such a sure thing these days, so employers need to take steps to protect workers from measles and other infectious diseases that are on the rise. . . . more »
Trainer's handbook: Relax! And more tips to prevent sprains, strains, and similar injuries
August 2014
If you had a lost workday incident in 2012, there's a very good chance it was caused by a sprain, strain, or tear. Injuries in that category accounted for 38 percent of total injury and illness cases requiring days away from work--and soreness or pain from nonspecified injuries made up another 15 percent of cases. Taken together, that's more than half of all lost workday incidents in the United States for 2012. . . . more »
Material handling: 8 Cal/OSHA rules for ensuring conveyor safety
August 2014
Ramon Flores worked for EZ Mix, Inc., in Sun Valley, for 12 years. When preparing to take his lunch break on February 19, 2008, he noticed the belt on an inclined conveyor needed cleaning--something he did routinely, two or three times a day. . . . more »
Safety management: Start new workers off on the right foot with a strong safety orientation
August 2014
It's as true in safety as it is in anything else: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When a new worker enters your workplace, you have a chance to convey the importance of your safety program, the basics of your safety culture, and the regard you have for employee safety. . . . more »
Featured resource: Cut back on tree-trimming hazards
August 2014
Joshua Pudsey was helping trim a 60-foot eucalyptus tree at a La Mesa home on November 12, 2013, when a branch fell out of control. Pudsey, a 42-year-old laborer, was struck in the head and thrown to the concrete driveway below. He was declared dead at the scene. . . . more »
Online Exclusive: Checklist for bite and sting prevention
COCA Online Exclusive July 2014
Are your outdoor workers being bugged? Outdoor workers in California may encounter a variety of insects that can transmit diseases or inject venom. Although in most cases this is no more than an annoyance, enough serious diseases and deadly allergies are in play to merit concern. . . . more »
Cal/OSHA targets Bay Area construction sites
July 2014
Following a recent series of fatal accidents in the region, Cal/OSHA is focusing on safety compliance at construction sites in the San Francisco Bay Area. The agency has deployed investigators to insp . . . more »
NIOSH examines ladder fatalities
July 2014
A research team at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that 43 percent of fatal falls in the United States have involved a ladder. Among all workers, about 20 percent of fa . . . more »
Appeals Board decisions: Just because it's 'in writing' doesn't mean it's a 'written plan'
July 2014
On August 15, 2012, Cal/OSHA inspected the worksite of Rosendin Electric, an electrical subcontractor performing work in a Sacramento parking garage. The inspector requested a copy of Rosendin's heat illness prevention plan, but the employer was unable to provide one at the time. . . . more »
Standards update: Title 8 revisions take effect July 1
July 2014
The state Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (OSHSB) has finalized changes that are effective July 1 for Cal/OSHA standards in five areas: hand protection, digger derricks, powered industrial trucks, compaction equipment, and crane hand signals. . . . more »
Injury prevention: Don't let these 4 hazards give you the summertime blues!
July 2014
California summer is back in full swing. That may mean long hours on the beach or hiking in the mountains, but it could also mean long days in the field or at the construction site and hot days indoors in the workplace. Are you prepared to face the worst that California's sunny, sweltering weather has to offer? . . . more »
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