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Articles from current issue of the Cal/OSHA Compliance Advisor monthly newsletter are listed below.

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Online Exclusive: Sample protective footwear policy
COCA Online Exclusive July 2015
When your workers require specialty safety shoes, you must pay for them. When workers aren't required to wear specific safety footwear, you may still choose to defray some of the costs of their protective footwear. It's best to have a policy to inform your workers exactly what your safety footwear requirements are and how much of their footwear expense you'll cover. . . . more »
Cal/OSHA faults employer for window washer's fall
July 2015
Cal/OSHA recently cited Century Window Cleaning following an investigation into a window washer's 11-story fall from the roof of a San Francisco building. Investigators determined that the washer was . . . more »
Federal OSHA issues guidance on transgender worker restroom access
July 2015
Federal OSHA issues guidance on transgender worker restroom access . . . more »
Enforcement: No willful citations from Cal/OSHA, but D.A. charges felonies in workers' death
July 2015
It's unusual for an employer to be criminally charged when a worker is killed or injured on the job. . . . more »
Appeals Board decisions: Was the violation 'accident-related'? 2 recent cases hold clues
July 2015
One of the surest ways to bring Cal/OSHA to your door is for a worker to die or suffer a reportable injury. In the resulting inspections, Cal/OSHA's primary focus is on the circumstances surrounding the incident that led to the worker's death or injury. . . . more »
Trainer's handbook: Can you spot a bully? Tips for handling worker-on-worker aggression
July 2015
More than one in four American workers is either currently being bullied at work or has been bullied at work in the past, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute's 2014 Workplace Bullying Survey. Unfortunately, the survey also found that in most cases where the problem was solved, it wasn't solved by dealing with the bully. . . . more »
Hazard identification: Worker deaths rose in 2013; Cal/OSHA lists risks to focus on
July 2015
In 2013, 396 Californians died on the job--a slight uptick from the year before, when 375 workers died, according to the state Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). Among other notable findings, DIR's recently released figures show that California's fatality rates remain lower overall than in 2008, when the last recession hit, despite an increase in the overall employment rate. . . . more »
Indoor air quality: School study leads to recommendations for healthier cleaning
July 2015
Do you know what it feels like to not be able to breathe? If so, you may be one of the 6.8 million U.S. adults who suffer from asthma, a potentially deadly lung disease in which the airways narrow, making breathing difficult. . . . more »
Standards update: Changes made for cranes and derricks, electrical equipment, and garbage trucks
July 2015
A few minor rule changes take effect on July 1 of this year. One gives employers some breathing room on a regulatory deadline. Another brings Cal/OSHA more closely into line with federal OSHA's Globally Harmonized System of Classifation and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) changes. And the third updates the rules for garbage trucks and balers while adding protection for operators of dual compaction garbage trucks. . . . more »
Featured resource: Cleaning products safety checklist
July 2015
It's important to keep the workplace clean--free of dirt, germs, mildew, and other substances that can harm your workers' health. But the chemicals used to keep the workplace clean can cause health problems, too. Using cleaning chemicals improperly or carelessly can expose workers to substances that cause asthma, skin reactions, allergic responses, chemical burns, and chemical pneumonia. . . . more »
Online Exclusive: Sample smoke-free workplace policy
COCA Online Exclusive June 2015
Smoking is dangerous to the health of smokers, but it is also increasingly recognized as a health hazard for nonsmokers. Because of this, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has recommended, and many employers are moving to, completely smoke-free workplaces. If you're putting a smoke-free workplace in effect, here's a sample policy you can use to help with enforcement. . . . more »
NIOSH launches topic pages on work and reproductive health
June 2015
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has unveiled new topic pages for workers, employers, and healthcare professionals on work and reproductive health. The pages recognize . . . more »
DIR reports 2013 fatal occupational injuries
June 2015
The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) recently released data on the deaths of Californians on the job in 2013; the figures are the latest numbers available. DIR reported that the number of fata . . . more »
Appeals Board decisions: Both temporary agency, host employer cited--and cleared--in worker's heat illness
June 2015
In 2014, the California Legislature passed a law (Assembly Bill 1897) that made temporary agency employers and their client employers jointly liable for protecting temporary workers. The same year, in its "Staffchex" decision, the Cal/OSHA Appeals Board ruled that temporary agencies can no longer use the so-called "dual employment doctrine defense" to argue that they aren't liable for safety violations affecting leased employees. . . . more »
Workers' compensation: Do you know the exceptions to the 'exclusive remedy' provision?
June 2015
Monnie Wright was a correctional officer at San Quentin State Prison. The year after his hiring, he moved into a state-owned apartment inside the prison's gated area. It wasn't a condition of his employment that he live on-site. . . . more »
Process safety management: Cal/OSHA steps up refinery enforcement efforts
June 2015
The Chevron Richmond refinery fire of August 2012, which shut down the refinery for months and sent nearly 15,000 nearby residents to the hospital, triggered responses at the state and federal level. . . . more »
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