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Online Exclusive

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Online Exclusive: Tips for working safely on mobile devices
COCA Online Exclusive March 2015
In the not-so-distant past, only the people in the front office used computers on the job. But these days, all kinds of workers--from the manufacturing floor to the construction worksite--regularly work on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. . . . more »
Online Exclusive: 7 common causes of workplace fires
COCA Online Exclusive February 2015
Each year, fire breaks out at some 70,000 U.S. workplaces, killing an average of 200 employees, injuring thousands, and causing billions of dollars in property damage. Maine Municipal Association's Risk Management Services has identified the following common workplace fire hazards and some simple strategies that can keep your facility safe. . . . more »
Online Exclusive: Sample ergonomic injury prevention policy
COCA Online Exclusive January 2014
Ergonomic injuries are the most common nonfatal lost workday injury by an overwhelming margin. Of about 1.2 million nonfatal injuries recorded by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012, 443,560 fell into this category. Most of these were repetitive stress injuries (a smaller number were slip-and-fall injuries). . . . more »
Online Exclusive: If you have to chill, be prepared
COCA Online Exclusive December 2014
In California, you might not think too much about cold weather. Unless you're camping, skiing in the mountains, or traveling, you might never encounter weather cold enough to cause concern. But that means when you do encounter cold temperatures, you might be less well prepared for them than someone from a cooler climate. . . . more »
Online exclusive: Tips for healthy air travel
COCA Online Exclusive November 2014
The holidays are a prime travel time for many American workers--our romantic notions of "home for the holidays" and "I'll be home for Christmas" are founded in a national holiday habit. But after the holidays, you'll want your workers back on the job in solid physical shape. Our air travel tips can help make sure they travel safely and arrive back in the workplace in good health this holiday season. . . . more »
Online Exclusive: Spill prevention checklist
COCA Online Exclusive October 2014
Accidental spills and releases can create fire hazards, toxic exposures, and environmental concerns at your workplace--and earthquakes, like the magnitude 6.0 quake that hit Napa in August 2014, can lead to accidental spills. . . . more »
Online Exclusive: Policy for out-of-service equipment
September 2014
A system for identifying malfunctioning or broken equipment and tools, and removing them from service, is vital to worker safety. But what happens once the "out-of-service" tag is applied? Without a clear policy, workers may not know how to handle this equipment. Is the equipment permanently out of service? If not, under what conditions can it be returned to service? Our policy will help you provide your workers with important guidance. . . . more »
Online exclusive: Infectious disease prevention checklist
COCA Online Exclusive August 2014
After a brief respite in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, infectious "childhood" diseases have come roaring back--and these days, they're not just affecting kids. Adults, too, have been affected by recent epidemics of measles, mumps, and whooping cough. Use our checklist to make sure that your workers don't get caught in the next outbreak. . . . more »
Online Exclusive: Checklist for bite and sting prevention
COCA Online Exclusive July 2014
Are your outdoor workers being bugged? Outdoor workers in California may encounter a variety of insects that can transmit diseases or inject venom. Although in most cases this is no more than an annoyance, enough serious diseases and deadly allergies are in play to merit concern. . . . more »
Online Exclusive: Ladder safety checklist
COCA Online Exclusive June 2014
According to an analysis published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in an April 2014 issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports, 43 percent of fatal falls in the last decade have involved a ladder. Among all workers, approximately 20 percent of fall injuries involve ladders. Among construction workers, the rate is much higher--an estimated 81 percent of construction-related fall injuries treated in U.S. emergency departments involve a ladder. . . . more »
Online Exclusive: Safety checklist for bicycle commuters
COCA Online Exclusive May 2014
May is Bike to Work month in California and nationwide, and May 8, 2014, marks the state's 20th annual Bike to Work Day. Supporters of the bike-to-work movement point out that bikes enhance traffic conditions, environmental conditions, and personal health. . . . more »
Online Exclusive: Put the finger on hand hazards in your workplace
COCA Online Exclusive April 2014
Two tools are essential for almost any job you can think of--your hands. It's natural, then, that preventing hand injuries should be high on any list of safety priorities. Here's a handy checklist to help you identify and control hazards in your workplace that can cause injuries to workers' hands. . . . more »
Online Exclusive: Policy for preventing pesticide exposures
COCA Online Exclusive March 2014
April and May are the heaviest usage months for pesticides in California, making them high-risk for pesticide poisoning incidents. Surprisingly, these incidents are more likely to affect workers who d . . . more »
Online Exclusive: Checklist for occupational lead exposure control programs
COCA Online Exclusive February 2014
al/OSHA regulates worker exposures to occupational lead in General Industry Safety Orders (GISO) Section 5198 and Construction Safety Orders (CSO) Section 1532.1. Although the permissible exposure limits (PELs) for lead may be significantly reduced in the near future, the program requirements probably will not change. Our checklist will help you determine how your program stacks up against those requirements. . . . more »
Online Exclusive: Checklist for calculating 'days away from work'
COCA Online Exclusive January 2014
Do your employees who maintain Cal/OSHA injury and illness records understand what "days away from work" means and how to record them? Here's a checklist of rules for recording lost workdays. . . . more »
Online Exclusive: Checklist for protection in the trenches
COCA Online Exclusive December 2013
In March 2013, two pipe layers were checking the depth of a trench when an unshored wall caved in, killing one of them and severely injuring the other. . . . more »
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