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Cal-OSHA Safety Training for California Employers
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Cal/OSHA Compliance Advisor
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Can You Stay Connected When Disaster Strikes?
A workplace emergency or natural disaster can disrupt your business. Business continuity--including connectivity--should be addressed in your emergency preparedness plan. . . . more »
Material-Handling Aids: Back Savers and Injury Preventers
Material-handling equipment is a boon to a busy workplace. These aids increase productivity and reduce injuries. But if used improperly, they can cause accidents. . . . more »
HAZWOPER Health and Safety Plan Checklist
Millions of employees work away from their employer's location. If some of them are yours, although you don't see them every day, you're still responsible for their safety and health. . . . more »
Working Alone Shouldn't Mean Working at Risk
Millions of employees work away from their employer's location. If some of them are yours, although you don't see them every day, you're still responsible for their safety and health. . . . more »
Are Your Employees Losing Focus And Safe Behaviors?
It's well known that workers who perform the same tasks day after day tend to lose focus on the hazards because the work becomes routine. Today, Marc Gomez has some innovative ideas about how to turn that around by training employees to become more conscious about the risks involved in their day-to-day activities. . . . more »
Second City Says Humor Drives Engagement in Workforce Training
June 25, 2014
When you hear the term "Second City," you probably think of the large number of talented comedians the improvisational theater has produced. But today's E-Alert will also make you think about Second City in the context of humor in safety training. . . . more »
Achieving Breakthrough Safety Performance
June 18, 2014
Author and consultant Alan Quilley believes four critical elements must be managed to achieve high-level safety results. All are interdependent and cannot be managed in isolation. Do they exist at your workplace? . . . more »
HAZWOPER Health and Safety Plans: 3 Basic Requirements
June 11, 2014
These three basics will help ensure that your HAZWOPER HASP is Cal/OSHA-compliant. . . . more »
Forging a Successful Safety and Health Program
June 4, 2014
Bremen Castings, Inc. is known worldwide for iron-machined castings and operates its own machine shop and foundry. The company, which employs 300, was named one of the "2012 Inc. 5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies." It's also, as it turns out, a model of smart safety practices. . . . more »
Arm Yourself with the Facts About Hand Safety
May 28, 2014
Hand injuries can be especially traumatic, stripping away not only a worker's ability to work but also the ability to perform activities of daily living. . . . more »
Use Employee Surveys To Measure Engagement with Training
May 21, 2014
In a recent BLR webinar titled "Worker Safety: How To Implement Truly Effective Training That Reduces Injuries, Costs, and Lawsuits," Michael D. Lawrence of Summit Safety Technologies discussed how businesses can improve their training programs. . . . more »
How Cal/OSHA Regulates Workplace Hazards Where No Specific Standard Exists
May 14, 2014
Some hazards are not subject to a specific standard, but employers nevertheless have a responsibility to provide a safe and healthful workplace, free from recognized hazards. Cal/OSHA and federal OSHA deal very differently with situations in which no specific standard applies to something that clearly poses a serious hazard to workers. . . . more »
Cal/OSHA Second Look Costs Employer $54,000 In Fines Following Worker's Death
May 7, 2014
Donald White, a 63-year-old worker, was helping install an elevator at the new Levi's Stadium, the future home of the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara, last June. White was standing on a ladder beneath the counterweight of a freight elevator, installing equipment in the counterweight runway, when the counterweight came down. It struck and killed him. . . . more »
How To Identify Recordable Injuries
April 24, 2014
For employers that are required to keep records of occupational injuries and illnesses, determining what has to be recorded can be a real headache. Here's what you need to know. . . . more »
Recent Federal Enforcement Actions Feature Many Repeat and Willful Violations
April 16, 2014
Here's a review of some recent federal OSHA enforcement cases. The agency seems to be coming down hard on employers that repeat the same mistakes, that don't fix problems, and that knowingly fail to comply with requirements. . . . more »
Employee-Driven Safety: Your Road Map to a Safer Workplace
April 9, 2014
Why are companies encouraging employees to drive their safety programs? They've learned that the more workers participate in safety, the safer the workplace. . . . more »
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