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Are You Effectively Selling Safety To Top Management?
You've got an ambitious agenda for moving your safety process forward. You've done the research, and you know your ideas are sound. Now how do you communicate the value of your agenda to decision makers who hold the purse strings? Keep reading for the strategies you need to succeed. . . . more »
How To Link Safety Performance To Business Value
Are the benefits of your safety program functions and performance undervalued because of communication barriers? Are you effectively measuring the performance of your program--and communicating that performance to managers in language they can understand? . . . more »
Are Your Workers Stretching to Prevent Ergonomic Injuries?
Overexertion, slips, trips, and falls cause 60 percent of lost-time occupational injuries in the United States and cost employers over $30 billion in direct workers' compensation costs in 2013. One strategy you can use to control these costly injuries is an effective worksite stretching program. . . . more »
The Internet of Things: High-Tech Safety Coming Soon To a Workplace Near You
Is your refrigerator connected to the Internet yet? What about your car, your thermostat, or your garage door opener? What about your workplace? Are your punch presses and dough mixers and forklifts connected to the cloud? And if they are, are you using it to make your workplace safer? . . . more »
1 in 4 Workers Unsure of How To Stay Safe in a Workplace Emergency
When looking for a new job, it's not unusual to take job security into consideration. But how often do workers think about security on the job? A recent press release from CareerBuilder® looks at how safe workers feel in their workplaces and how well they feel their companies work to ensure their security. . . . more »
Safe Work Practices to Prevent Arc Flash Incidents
Arc flash incidents can be deadly. According to the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), the following precautions should be taken by qualified persons before performing electrical work to reduce the probability of an arc flash exposure: . . . more »
Time for a Safety Audit? Try This Audit Planning Checklist
The idea of some audits, like one by the IRS, might make your blood run cold. But when it comes to safety and health, an audit is a proactive tool that tells you if your program is achieving the desired results. . . . more »
Safety Incentive Program 'Don'ts'
It seemed like a good idea at the time: Reward workers for working safely by providing cash and goods that they could earn as incentives. Even better, put peer pressure to good use by rewarding workers in groups; workers, wanting their premiums, would encourage each other not to cut safety corners and to stay safe. . . . more »
Four Leadership Strategies To Enhance Your Safety Culture
Today, we'll focus on management and leadership strategies that can enhance your company's commitment to safety--and how your workers perceive it. . . . more »
Fight Back Against Work-Related Back Injuries
So many safety topics are critical for preventing worker injuries. But across the board in all industries, perhaps the most critical is back safety training. . . . more »
Protecting Workers 24/7
Today: Find out how one company has leveraged its existing safety and health management system to cover employee off-the-job safety and become a leader in the field. . . . more »
Before Workers Hit the Road, Make Sure They Hit The Hay
A National Sleep Foundation study revealed that 51 percent of adults have driven while drowsy, and 17 percent report having fallen asleep while driving within the past year. A well-rested worker is less likely to suffer a drowsy-driving accident. Before your workers hit the road, make sure they hit the hay. . . . more »
Be Inflexible About Flexible Cord and Cable Use
Sometimes, you need an electrical cord that bends a little. Maybe it's because you have to use your power drill or saw in many different locations during the workday. Maybe it's because a piece of machinery vibrates when it's operating, and you don't want to transfer that vibration throughout your electrical system. . . . more »
Back Injuries: Eliminate the 'Usual Suspects'
Strains and sprains are the leading cause of workplace injuries and illnesses, and the back is one of the parts of the body most affected. . . . more »
Methylene Chloride: Protecting Exposed Workers
Methylene chloride is a common paint-stripping chemical with many industrial uses--and many hazards, including cancer. Today, we'll talk about how to protect workers from exposure to this narcotic, corrosive, carcinogenic chemical. . . . more »
The Responsibility for Preventing This Sort of Injury Is On Your Shoulders
If your workers must reach, lift and carry, bend, or twist their bodies or perform other activities that place them in a nonneutral posture, their shoulders may be at risk. . . . more »
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