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Online Exclusive: Put the finger on hand hazards in your workplace
COCA Online Exclusive April 2014
Two tools are essential for almost any job you can think of--your hands. It's natural, then, that preventing hand injuries should be high on any list of safety priorities. Here's a handy checklist to help you identify and control hazards in your workplace that can cause injuries to workers' hands. . . . more »
Trainer's handbook: Until the dust clears, teach workers to protect themselves against silica
March 2014
Each year, more than 300 American workers die from silicosis, and thousands of new cases are diagnosed. Silicosis is the name given to incurable lung damage that occurs when workers inhale dusts that contain crystalline silica. . . . more »
Building codes: California Building Code updates; Important changes to know about
March 2014
Every 3 years, the California Building Standards Commission updates the California Building Standards Code (CBSC) to incorporate updates from applicable consensus standards--such as the National Electric Code (NEC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards--and applicable federal laws and regulations. The commission adopted the most recent updates to the CBSC in January 2013, and they took effect January 1, 2014. . . . more »
Featured Resource: Preventing pesticide drift
March 2013
As California's farmers gear up for spring planting, they have numerous safety issues to consider. One perennial concern is pesticide drift. When pesticides are applied to a field, it's always possible they could "drift" into neighboring areas, where workers and residents can be exposed. . . . more »
Nanomaterials: New guidance from NIOSH details engineering controls for nano-scale hazards
February 2014
We know that things that are too small to see can be extremely dangerous--bacteria and viruses, vapors and gases, and radioactive particles are all tiny, invisible hazards. . . . more »
Appeals Board decisions Workers are struck; Employers' appeals are struck down
February 2014
Sometimes a worker is in the wrong place at the wrong time--for example, right in the path of something that's about to move. That's what happened to two workers who were struck by objects that moved unexpectedly. In both cases, the employers were held liable because of failures at the management level. . . . more »
Accident prevention: Give a sign for safety; Looking at accident prevention signs and tags
January 2014
You've seen the signs--the ones that say important things like "Bridge Out" or "Wrong Way"-- but somehow the cartoon and movie characters miss them because the signs are overgrown with brush, blown over by the wind, or otherwise obscured. . . . more »
NIOSH releases nail gun safety comic
October 2013
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has released its first safety comic, Straight Talk About Nail Gun Safety. Available in bot . . . more »
Trainer's handbook: Teach shop workers to recognize and address hazards
October 2013
When federal OSHA inspectors visited Acadia Scenic's shop in Jersey City, New Jersey, they knew workers would be making a scene. After all, that's what the company does: build scenery for the entertainment industry. . . . more »
Crushing injuries: Recent fatalities highlight hazards; Identify and control crushing hazards
September 2013
Five California workers were fatally crushed in June and July of this year. . . . more »
Appeals Board decisions: Employer to pay $10,800 fine because its worker wore gloves; When are gloves a bad idea?
September 2013
Severiano Barajas was disciplined by his employer, the Art and Craftsmen woodworking shop in Pacoima, multiple times for violating safety rules. On one occasion, he caught his glove in a shaper machine and cut his right index finger. On another occasion, he was fired for coming to work drunk; he was later rehired. . . . more »
Trainer's handbook: Help outdoor workers avoid valley fever, hantavirus, and Lyme disease
August 2013
Healthcare workers aren't the only California workers at risk from infectious diseases on the job. . . . more »
Online Exclusive: Sample guns-at-work policy
COCA Online Exclusive June 2013
The presence of guns increases the possibility of gun violence--so say studies that have examined gun ownership among homeowners, as well as studies examining the availability of guns in the workplace. . . . more »
NIOSH provides guidance on weight limits for maternal lifting
June 2013
Researchers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recently teamed up with the U.S. Department of Defense to evaluate the scientific evidence linking occupational lifting . . . more »
Workplace violence: Guns-at-work policies and California law; What you need to know
June 2013
In the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut, school shootings and other workplace shootings, employers are not waiting for the federal government to act to prevent gun violence. Many are instituting new policies about weapons in the workplace. . . . more »
Trainer's handbook: Teach workers to identify and investigate near misses
May 2013
In February 2013, a meteorite crashed spectacularly into the Ural Mountains in Russia, shattering windows and injuring more than 1,000 people. That same week, an asteroid the size of a swimming pool passed by the Earth, close enough to make owners of weather satellites extremely nervous. . . . more »
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